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  Lend me your eyes I can change what you see...

- Mumford & Sons

We recommend you have your eyes examined once a year. During an exam, Dr. Emming will thoroughly check both your prescription and your eye health. Here's what you can expect to experience from a complete eye examination at The Eye Shoppe:


Everything about you impacts your eye health! From your nutrition and exercise to your social habits to medications and systemic diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes... We want to know it all!

Peripheral Vision Test:
This test allows us to see any defects in your peripheral vision, which may indicate a tumor or disease.

Autorefraction & Acuity:
This gives us a starting point and allows us to determine the urgency of any prescription upgrade.

Eye Movements:
Observing how your eyes move, cross, and react lets us know how well your brain is functioning.

Don't panic! There are no wrong answers here. This test simply allows us to determine which powers to prescribe for your glasses and/or contact lenses. Don't worry if they all look the same; that's a good thing!

We need to use a microscope to magnify the tiny structures in your eye in order to see them better. We can also use it to observe how well your contact lenses fit. Adding a high-powered lens in front of your eye allows us to view the back of your eye through your pupil!

Glaucoma (Pressure) Test:
First, we instill a yellow numbing drop that makes you blink less. Then we check your eyes with a blue light through a special lens. This method gives us a more accurate reading. No air puff here!

We use drops to make your pupil large so that we can see into the far “corners” of the back of your eye. As a side effect, your vision may be blurry and you will be sensitive to light for 3-5 hours. We can always do this test on a different day if you would prefer to bring someone with you to drive home.