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About Tara Marlett

Meet Dr. Emming: a self-proclaimed accessory queen and eye-nerd with an obsessive attention to detail. This proved to be a dangerous combination (since glasses are fabulous accessories for your face!) and 43 pairs later, she opened The Eye Shoppe in July 2012 to share her obsession with the public.

Originally a native of Wichita, Kansas, Dr. Emming graduated from the University of Missouri St. Louis College of Optometry in 2003. Though she still doesn't like the pizza here, she enjoys the St. Louis area and resides in Florissant with her husband, daughter, and two dachshunds.

About Tara Marlett

  Tara Marlett


About Tara Marlett

Hello. This is Tara and she is an addict. A specs addict. She has been addicted to optics for 12 years now. She currently uses at least one of her 10 pairs of specs every day, in addition to the 20 pairs of sunglasses she indulges in. SHE IS A JUNKIE. But not only is she a user, she loves getting others hooked, too. So stop in and let her make you look spexy!